Editing & proofreading

The words you use are your brand’s packaging

You have a product. It might be your company or the products you create. That academic article you hope to submit to a journal is a product. So is the novel you are preparing to send to an agent or publisher.

Imagine taking the product with which you hope to win your fortune, dumping it in an old shoe box and tying it up with a bit of old string. Who would want to buy it? Maybe with a lot of persuasive talking you could get someone to open that shoe box and discover the gold inside.

But on the Internet you cannot do that. The language you use is your packaging. Your product may be pure gold, but readers DO judge a book by its cover. The tiniest blip on your website, or that error on the first page of your masterpiece sends readers the message that the product inside is faulty.

This is why you need an editor. An editor weaves a cloth of gold out of language to lovingly wrap your product in, giving it the presentation it deserves.

Below I talk about editing of various kinds for different ends.

What does a copyeditor do?

I am a professional outside eye, ensuring your words speak to readers clearly – how you imagined they would. I make sure that headings, format and style are consistent throughout. While checking sentence structure and paragraphs are sound, I correct any grammar or other errors. I may suggest alternatives to words repeated, or comment on a factual inconsistency. In short, I help your writing shine.

Are you looking for copyediting or proofreading?

Once the text has been copyedited and laid out, the proofreader catches and corrects any errors that have slipped through the net. Your project may benefit from either copyediting, proofreading or both.

All edits are reversible

I use Word’s track changes when copyediting so you, the writer, have the final say. I can also correct in PDF format using the Sticky Notes and Comments features. Or if you prefer corrections on paper, I use the British Standards Institution (BSI) proof correction marks.

What do I edit?

  • Fiction, from short stories to novels
  • Non-fiction, from pamphlet to book length
  • Academic theses, articles pending academic publication
  • Business and commercial websites and blogs
  • Brochures, guides and other print publications
  • Any other text you are preparing to publish.

Working with authors

I work increasingly with authors who are ready to publish a book. Are you planning to approach an agent or publisher? Do you want to use a platform like Amazon’s Create Space or Ingram Spark? Getting your book professionally edited is essential before choosing either of these paths. I will present you with a full editor’s report upon completing the first editing pass.

Developmental editing

I can offer you a straightforward copyedit or developmental editing. You choose. The latter means I look at the narrative arc, character development including back story, setting and so on. I may suggest rewriting or rearranging chapters or sections. You may want to merge two characters, give another more prominence, delay information to increase suspense, or other suggestions.

Solid literary knowledge

My undergraduate degree is in Literature (Hons), awarded with First-Class Honours, and I have a post-grad in Comparative Literatures, also awarded with First-Class Honours, so I base my fiction editing on solid knowledge. See my Credentials.

I work to your budget

While a large publishing company may commission several editing stages from developmental to proofreading, many independent authors cannot afford this. Depending on your project, you might benefit from one or more editing passes. I will be happy to provide an obligation-free quote.

Other publishing services

Since I have a passion for publishing, I have helped authors in these additional areas:

Print layout

A professional book requires a professional layout: well-designed front and back matter, properly adjusted margins, a suitable font, plenty of white space and so on. I will present you with a correctly formatted PDF file ready to be uploaded to your publishing partner.

Ebook formatting

A well-formatted ebook stands out and is a more comfortable reading experience. Rather than relying on the automatic formatting of large publishing platforms it is worthwhile taking the time to format your ebook properly.

Cover design

Readers do judge a book by its cover. I can recommend excellent professional cover designers for your project.

The Poble Sec Books portfolio details projects I have worked on, along with the specific tasks I undertook. Click on the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to go to an external link.