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While You’re Still You

Carme Elías wins a Goya Award for Best Documentary 2024
Huge congratulations to the film Mientras seas tú, el aquí y ahora de Carme Elías (While You’re Still You – Carme Elías: Here and Now) for winning “Best Documentary” at Spain’s Goya Film Awards!
I was thrilled to be involved with this production, creating the English subtitles for the international version. Read about it here.
I can create a transcript directly in English or translate from Catalan or Spanish, using state-of-the-art translation subtitling apps like Subtitle Edit or scriptwriting software like Fade In.
Here are some of the projects for which I have created the English subtitles:

Prêt à regarder! season 1 on CaixaforumPlus

In these five short interviews, Rossy de Palma selects five feature films in which, from her intimate perspective, she believes the relationship between fashion and film is fundamental. She reveals her reason for choosing each one, its ties with fashion, off-camera personal asides and much more.

L’Escanyapobres (Gold Lust), directed by Ibai Abad

I created the English subtitles for this Catalan/Valencian film with a western aesthetic, based on the famous Catalan novel by Narcís Oller, starring Alex Brendemühl and Laura Conejero. Read more about it here.