Need a writer?

Let me take care of it. Writing has been a big part of my life since I was young – and I love it. Whether its your company blog or writing content for your website, give it to someone who will not only enjoy doing it but do it well. Im your professional!

Copywriting is like …

… a fresh cup of coffee.

Can you smell it?

What are you on about?

We all know what coffee beans are and more or less how to make a cup. But think about the aroma of fresh-ground coffee. Did you smell it this morning? At home or in the street? Did you stop?
The fresh words I write about your product are that aroma. A few words that will have your customers pausing for a cup. In that pause I tell your story.

What story?

Everyone and everything has a unique story to tell, including your brand. You know all about your company and product. I know they are brilliant. But how do you get those values across to your customers? Like the aroma of coffee. A content writer is a storyteller who can draw your customers to you. Let me tell your story.
I am on a mission: convey your company’s values in a voice as unique and original as you are. Let’s do this together.

Scroll down for a few of the stories I have told …


Mediktor is a start-up that applies disruptive AI innovation to diagnosis in the healthcare sector.
During 2020, I worked in the company, rewriting
their key messages and much of their English copy. We wrote fresh copy for the Mediktor landing page and Business Solutions.

Purina in Society Report 201 8

In 2019, I was brought on board at Purina’s Barcelona Head Offices to write fresh case study content for Purina’s PinS Commitments in the Purina in Society Report 2018, as well as copy-editing and proofreading technical and other copy.

(Image from 2022 Report. Illustrative but not the specific copy created)

What makes me a good copywriter?

I take time to learn!

In 2020, Covid-19 buffeted the world, so I went back to school. You need top-shelf training to master the art and science of writing good copy.

I chose to study at the best.

The Publishing Training Centre (PTC), London, is the UK’s premier vocational training school for the publishing sector. I gained a Distinction grade in their course, “Creative Copywriting for Publishers”.

A little about myself:

A passionate blogger, I have been telling stories in the arts for years, both my own and other people’s:
Innovation. Science. Architecture. Art. Books. Travel.
After growing up among artists, I started out writing plays and a novel before embracing the Internet as a blogger. So I have creative in my veins. Degrees in Literature and Comparative Literatures both with First Class Honours taught me where to cross the ‘i’s, dot the ‘t’s – and when to mix it up. Translating for two decades and editing for one taught me my grammar.
In short, a content writer with room to grow, an experienced editor and an able hand at translation. You have them all in one.

Time to tell your story …

Enough about me. Get in touch and let’s start telling your story!